Key Cutting & Programming

Van Key Cutting / Programming Service

VanServ are proud to offer customers exceptional van key cutting services as well as van key programming services. Whether you have lost your keys or if one has stopped working, we can always be counted upon to restore your van keys back to full functionality every single time. You’ll then be able to unlock your van and start the ignition with complete ease once again.

Vehicle key cutting and programming is a complex task that requires the knowledge and expertise of a specialist, and that’s where VanServ comes in. We have a team of highly-trained experts at the helm of our operations, and we are dedicated to executing effective key cutting and key programming services for your van, regardless of its age or whether it’s being used for domestic or commercial purposes.

Key cutting services for your van

The van keys that we are able to cut are extensive, with several different types of vehicle keys having the potential to be copied for your benefit. Whether you have lost or misplaced a spare key or if you require an additional van key for your added peace of mind, we can always be counted upon to provide you with van key cutting services that produce seamless copies of the original vehicle key.

We are meticulous in our key cutting services, making sure that your key is copied exactly and can be used smoothly in both the lock and the ignition, without experiencing any snagging, catching or friction whilst the key is in operation. You can rest assured that your copied van key will perform in exactly the same way as the original. For van key cutting services you can trust, look no further than us here at VanServ.

Van key programming services

Van key programming and coding can be challenging, but not for our skilled team of technicians here at VanServ. Programming your van key often makes up part of the van key cutting service we have available. Depending on the age of your van, key cutting might suffice. However, more modern vans will require their keys to be coded and programmed appropriately so that the van can be locked and unlocked from afar.

With many years of experience behind us, together with a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, you can rest assured that our key cutting services and key programming services are both effective and reliable. But above all, they’re exceptionally trustworthy – something you need from key cutting and programming services, whether they’re for your van or not. Regardless of the manufacturer of your van, we will be able to programme your van key effectively. Just some of the van makes and models we are pleased to cut and programme keys for include, but is not limited to, the following:

VanServ are highly-experienced technicians, specialising in the servicing, repairing and general upkeep of both domestic and commercial vans. If you’re looking for van key cutting services or if you would simply like us to program or code your existing van keys, then get in touch with a member of our friendly, professional team today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.